Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wine Wednesday - Rock House Cabernet Franc

Last night we finally opened our RockHouse Cabernet Franc. We bought this wine while in the process of being lost somewhere up in NC. We are notorious for looking down a road not knowing where is goes and following it. On a day in April coming back from Burnsville we had fun getting lost and thankfully I was driving. I saw a wine sign. I don't know if you know what I'm talking about but it's the NC Wine Highway signs that denotes a winery...this way. I ALWAYS follow the wine signs. We did this time also and found Rock House Vineyards, a beautiful treasure in Tryon, NC. We sampled their wines and bought three bottles. This Cab Franc being one and two bottles of a killer port!

It not only went beautifully with our meal of grilled steak and bruschetta it was just delicious on it's own!

The 2006 Rockhouse Cabernet Franc demonstrates rich color and concentration with a nicely textured finish. The ripe, peppery fruit combines with plum flavors and subtle tannin levels. The wine was bottled without filtering.
If you're ever up near Saluda or Tryon I highly recommend dropping by this winery and vineyard! It's also less than an hour from Greenville.

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