Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wine Wednesday - Macchia Zinfandel "Mischievous"

This California winery was introduced to me while we were away for the weekend with some friends. My best friend paired this wine with some amazing buffalo steaks and it was just beautiful.

The first thing you'll notice about this wine is the color. When I think of Zin's I normally think blush or white but the deep purple Mischievous gives you is totally enticing and alluring and just at the rim of the glass is my favorite hue of purple. The next thing you'll notice is the smell. It's sweet and fruit yet oaky and just deep. Absolutely amazing is the taste that follows it- smooth, with fruit and oak-vanilla hints.

The Macchia Winery (which means "the spot" in Italian) is located in Acampo, CA and the very fun-looking couple of Tim and Lani look like they really enjoy what they do. Along with an entire line of Zin's with names like ''Luxurious'', ''Voluptuous'', ''Adventurous'', and ''Flirtatious''; Macchia also carries Italian-style wines, blends, and even a port. They specialize in red wines and they do their job well. Picking only in small batches from the states best "spots", this winery is definitely one to try. I'm very interested in see if I can get my paws on some of the different varieties they offer.

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