Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wine Wednesday - Stony Knoll Chardonnay

We paired this beautiful wine with Lamb Chops. This Chardonnay is another local wine from North Carolina. We did visit this winery and vineyard on our trip up there in Jan. They had some great wines but this one was my favorite. This Chardonnay has great fruit notes but is really clean and crisp. It went nicely with the pasta and lamb meal we paired it with.

Stony Knoll Vineyards is located in the Yadkni Vally of North Carolina. A family-owned and ran farm since 1896, this former tobacco farm turned into a full production vineyard and winery in 2002. They have a beautiful tasting room we were able to visit and meet one of the family members. This is truly a family owned and RUN business. Everyone who works there is part of the family who owns the land. As we tasted our wine we got to hear a little about how the 18 year old grew up picking grapes off the vine.

This is one of the more popular wineries in the region so get there early if you go. We were very fortunate to have the place mostly to ourselves when we went.

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