Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wine Wednesday - Crane Creek -Brasstown Mountain Claret

We recently sampled this Crane Creek Brasstown Mountain Claret. Crane Creek Vineyards was at the winefest we visited recently. We tried this Claret and were blown away with the full bodied flav-o-rama this wine brought to the table. It's a BBR (big beautiful red) but very pleasing and easy to drink.

On the Brasstown Line:
Our "Vino della Casa" or "house wines" are bottled under our Brasstown label. Named for the beautiful Brasstown Valley where our vineyard is located. These wines are simple, elegant but very quaffable wines. We designed the Brasstown line as table wines to be enjoyed at family meals and get-togethers.
On the Mountain Claret:
An elegant and light bodied red. In the true spirit of a 'Claret', this wine's blend can change subtly from year to year based on the vintage. As with a classic red Bordeaux the base is always a blending of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc from Crane Creek's own vineyards. Each year we then blend an interesting partner, such as San Giovese, Merlot, or Chambourcin to maintain complexity and interest.
The Brasstown Mountain Claret is truly a delicious and table friendly wine. We enjoyed this with buffalo burgers and a vodka/red sauce and pasta.

Rachel's Rating:

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