Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wine Wednesday - Three Sister's 2002 Chardonnay Reserve

We first visited this wonderful winery located in Northeastern GA, in Oct 2008 with some friends. We recently went back while we were at a wine festival in this month. We love Three Sister's Winery and Vineyard and their regular Chardonnay, I think it's 2006. But this trip they only had one bottle of that so we splurged a little more and got the 2002 Reserve for our second bottle.

The one thing we love most about their chardonnay's are the toasted French oak barrels and that incredible warm flavor that comes along with it. The Reserve was to die for. I officially declared it my new favorite white wine, period. It was smooth and clean; full and complex. I loved the finish on this wine also. Ours was the 2002 but here's the reserve description from the website.

This handcrafted Chardonnay was barrel fermented and aged sir lie in medium toasted French oak barrels for over 12 months. The 2003 Chardonnay Reserve displays hazelnut and coffee on the nose, complex floral and tropical fruit with vanilla butter and cream cheese on the finish.
Rachel's Rating:

OK, you get the picture.

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