Friday, July 17, 2009

Tips 'n' Tools - Vanilla infusion kit

A few years ago while exploring the Yankee Candle Flagship store we ran across this vanilla extract product and had to have it. The Other Williams' mother ended up finding it again and giving it to me for christmas about 2-3 years ago.

The kit comes with a bottle and three very pump vanilla beans. You buy the best vodka you can find, we use Absolute. Then cut the beans in half and place in the bottle. Then fill the bottle up with vodka and let it sit for 3 months, turning it over every once in a while to mix it up.

After three months, you have pure vanilla extract. The best thing about this is this bottle will last seven years. Simply top off the bottle every so often with the good vodka. The beans will continue to flavor the vodka for seven years.

I love mine!! I grabbed a picture with my webcam here. Mine is from Rose and Ivy. There are others on the market and you could just make your own if you can find really good pump vanilla beans. You can purchase a kit like mine here. You want the "KIT" not the already made. (scroll to bottom)


  1. I just received a kit for christmas that my daughter started for me. She had one of her own and it said to wait 4-6 months before using. Mine says 4-6 weeks on the bottle. You said 3 months. I wonder if it was a misprint on the label of mine?

    1. It might be. I think a few months are needed to get a really strong vanilla flavor. I would wait at least 3 months.


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