Friday, August 7, 2009

Tips 'n' Tools - Wine Vacuum Seal

A while back we picked up the Vacu Vin 3-Piece Wine Saver. If you like to drink wine but not always a whole bottle, this is for you. Whether you're the only one in the house drinking wine or you're just a one-glass-a-night person I recommend getting this or something like it. It's only a few bucks and most importantly it works.

When I first started drinking wine I found that I didn't like wine, especially white wine, the next day. I soon learned that once you pop that cork your on borrowed time. The chemical processes called oxidation starts to break the wine down and can eventually turn it into vinegar!

With my Vacu Vin I've been able to go back to bottle the next day and it be just as good. It claims to save wine for up to two weeks. I don't know about your house but I've never had a bottle of wine last in my fridge for two weeks! But I can safely say at it does hold it for a few days to a week.

This is a great video from the WineEnthusiast on how this product works.

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