Friday, January 22, 2010

Food Find - Ezekiel Bread

I'd heard many good things about this sprouted grain bread but never purchased it because the name didn't appeal to me. The Other Williams and I are trying to eat healthier and I wanted some bread that would be both tasty and healthy, then I remembered this one. So we picked some up in the freezer section of our local Whole Foods a couple of weeks ago.

I gotta say my initial thoughts about this dense, flour-less bread was that it was going to be gross and tasteless. I was wrong, dead wrong. This might be the most delicious bread I've ever eaten! The flavor of this bread is really outstanding, nutty and packed with goodness.

Putting a slice or two in the toaster really brings out the nuttiness of this bread and all the flavors it has. The nutritional stat's on this baby are also very impressive. Lots of protein and fiber along with vitamins and minerals!

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