Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Falafels - Deconstructed, "Building the Bite"

Every so often we get into a "new thing". The "new thing" can last for days, weeks, or sometimes, but rarely, months. We've just gone through the homemade pasta thing and the homemade pizza thing, although these are still very much in play in our kitchen, we're moving on.

There is now a NEW "new thing". It's what we are calling the "Build a bite". Interested? Oh but you should be!

The above is an example of the Build a Bite concept. This is a deconstructed version of our Falafel Pita Sammie recipe. Instead of all the components being constructed into a pita sammie, this version allows us to build the perfect bite each time, or maybe we want a different bite each time. Regardless we get to decide.

Pictured (clockwise) are diced fresh tomatoes, naan bread, falafels, cucumber slices, lettuce and in the middle is The Other Williams' yummy Greek Tzatziki Sauce! So for this I would tear a piece of naan load it up with the fixin's I wanted in that bite and then pop it in my mouth. I built my bite.

We also did this with shrimp, naan, and fixin's. Soooo good!

So where in the world did this idea come from? We recently had some friends suggest an amazing Peruvian restaurant to us and they have an appetizer that you build the bite. There is bread, sauce, and toppings and you add what you want. We loved the idea and have tried to replicate that experience several times in our kitchen.

So what do you think? Neato or nutso?

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