Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Introducing Wine Wednesday's

How's it going to work?
I will try to present a local Southeastern wine every Wednesday, post a picture, maybe talk about the vineyard or winery, and give some commentary on my thoughts on the selected wine. I will try to post every Wed but it will depend on when I get and taste new wines. I will also try to stay exclusively to local wines but I'm a big fan of Washington and Oregon wines so they might slip in there also.

What are my favorite types of wine?
I prefer white wines to red and sweet to dry wines. My favorite overall wine is a Columbia Winery Riesling from Washington. I also enjoy a good Viognier, Gew├╝rztraminer, Chenin Blanc, Pinot Noir, and increasingly Cabernet Franc but my palette is changing every month so these might change. I also think food plays a big part for the wines I enjoy. I've never cared for a Syrah but the other night I tasted some of The Other Williams' with spicey Chinese ribs and it was really good! So you never know.

How will I grade a wine?
Everyone's taste buds are different so here's my disclaimer. I will be honest in what I think of a wine. You might completely disagree with me and that's ok. I am not a professional wine drinker. I drink what I like and am open to trying new wine all the time. One of my favorite things to do though is to smell the wine. I stick my nose all the way in the glass and take in all the aromas that the wine can give me. So I'm not breaking my review into color, aroma, etc, etc. Instead we're going to do a 1-5 glass scale one being crap and five being made from the goddess and delivered on horseback.

We'll also have 1/2 glasses:

When do you start?

We'll start next Wed with the first wine. I'm excited, are you?

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