Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Chicken Baby Arugula Raspberry Wrap

We took this delicious wrap on a picnic with us and it was tha BOMB! That's right takin it back to the 90's with "tha bomb". I went searching for some really yummy, really unique wraps online and came up short so I came up with my own. Basically I've taken my Sweet Baby Arugula Salad, added grilled chicken, and turned it into a wrap. It was SOOOOO tasty! We loaded up the greens and used a whole wheat wrap. You could also sub the chicken with other sources of protein or leave it out all together for a vegetarian lunch. It's just delicious and I know you'll love it!

2-4 grilled chicken tenders, seasoned with italian seasoning and cut up into pieces.
LOTS of Fresh Baby Arugula - Found at loose at whole foods
Dried Cherries
Candied/roasted pecans - found at whole foods
Parmesan or Manchego Cheese, grated
Biltmore or other brand of Sweet Raspberry Vinaigrette
Whole Wheat Wrap

We took everything seperately and assembled onsite.

Lay out the wrap and add chicken, cherries, pecans, and cheese.
Toss dressing (be careful not to add too much) with arugula until thoroughly covered
Add lots of arugula to wrap
Roll wrap up and enjoy!


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  2. Nice blog. I just found it on the foodie blogroll. This wrap is the bomb!


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