Friday, September 11, 2009

Canning and Homemade Chicken Broth

We had a great labor day weekend. We spent most of the time around the house canning but we did make it up to NC to visit two wineries and picnic. Which was a lot of fun. Both were right outside of Charlotte, so not too far of a drive. We visited Owl's Eye and Baker Buffalo Creek vineyards.

We also went up to the Asheville Farmers market to pick up some yummy local produce to can for winter. We canned:

Green Beans

Froze our favorite, Silver Queen, corn. We have only been able to find this corn at the Asheville Farmers market. It's so good and super sweet and crisp.

Canned some homemade Dill Pickles! This was a first for me and was my project. I found a great recipe online. I have to wait 8 long weeks before I can open them and try them though. Hope they turn out good!

Lots of canned tomatoes

The Other Williams tries to make most of our chicken broth. We buy most of our chicken on the bone or as a whole chicken. The Other Williams does the butchering and she freezes the leftover chicken bones. She also has a veggie scraps bag in the freezer so when we have some scraps she tosses them into the freezer bag.

When she thinks she has enough to make a big batch of broth she throws everything into a big pot, covers it with water and boils it for an hour or better. Then she puts the finished broth into mason jars and they go into the freezer. There is no beating the taste of her homemade, made with love, chicken broth!

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