Saturday, August 9, 2008

Blueberry Jam, Anyone?

My dad has 4-6 very large wild blueberry bushes growing on his property. We normally go and pick a couple of gallons to snack on and freeze the rest. This year we decided to really pick a lot and I wanted to make some jam. I used this site and recipe to make my jam but I did cut the recipe in half because I like to can jam in the smaller 4oz jars. With cutting the recipe in half I still ended up with 11 jars of jam but it was sooo good. I also always use the low sugar recipe and pectin because the fruit is sweet enough by itself. I haven't had much luck with juice sweetened jams so I stick to the low sugar. The sugar is necessary for preservation also.

**This is not a recipe, some steps may be more detailed than what is below, please refer to this link for the full recipe and how-to guide.

Start with two cups of Blueberries, rinsed and sorted.

I used the food processor but you can also just mash them with a potato masher.

Into a pot with the pectin, lemon juice, water, and sugar and brought to a boil.

Once you get the consistency you're looking for, pour into the jars.

Place on clean lids, and can.

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  1. It wasn't until this. very. minute. 'til I realized I can't recall I've ever tasted blueberry jam. I must remedy that post-haste!


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