Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Eggs Benedict

The first time I tried Eggs Benedict I knew I was in love. We were at a B&B in Asheville and it was served as the breakfast. I melted in my seat. The second time I had it was at a local restaurant for their Sunday Brunch. I melted again.

Sunday I wanted to make The Other Williams a yummy brunch so I did some research into Eggs Benedict because she also loves them. There's a big fuss over the hollandaise sauce because it's an emulsion and is known to break easily, but I wasn't deterred!

We poached our eggs in these totally AWESOME poach pods that my BFF gave us. I can't even begin to tell you how awesome they worked, how easier they made it to poach an egg. If you like poached eggs go and buy them now!

After I poached my eggs, I like mine a little more done and The Other Williams prefers her's to run, I started on the hollandaise sauce. It really wasn't so bad but it did help to have an extra pair of hands so I could keep the whisk going. It came together so beautifully. I was so proud of myself for having pulled it off.

How did they taste? Out of this world! No more need to go out for these anymore because I can make them at home!

Here is some recipes and resources I used to pull this off. I hope you'll give it a shot! It is well worth it!

Hollandaise Sauce
YouTube Poached Egg Video
YouTube Hollandaise Video

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