Monday, February 1, 2010

Bruschetta Topping

In the past, we've bought bruschetta topping from the store and it's always amazing. We fell in love with bruschetta at a local restaurant when some friends ordered it as an appetizer to share. After having some really good toppings we decided it was time to whip up some of our own and we were surprised with how yummy it turned out! It didn't really compare to the restaurant's but it gave the store bought a BIG run for it's money. Paired with an anti-pasta tray and this was one beautiful Italian-style meal!

Wine Suggestion:
Cabernet Franc

Our topping was made up of home-canned tomatoes, anchovy paste, artichoke hearts, Italian seasoning, fresh basil, and some garlic. We warmed everything up in a pot on med heat then topped our toast with the topping, cheese, and basil. Just delicious!

We also froze the leftover in small canning jars and it was great thawed from the freezer and made a quick, delicious weekend lunch/dinner.

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