Monday, September 24, 2012

RAD & White Duck Tacos - Asheville, NC

We took a trip to one of our favorite cities this past week for some relaxation and to enjoy this beautiful weather we're having. We did some hiking and exploring in the mountains but on our last day in Asheville, NC we checked out the River Arts District (RAD).

Not to sound corny but RAD was rad! Ok, that was really awful, forgive me. We stopped into several of the working studios and enjoyed the many wonderful pieces on display. We watched the artist do their work and got to see where the "magic" happens. It was a really neat experience.

One studio in particular just took our breath away when we walked in. Jonas Gerard is an amazing artist and both of us really enjoyed his mixed media pieces as well as many others. But when we walked into his studio it was just awesome. Paint was everywhere and signs on the wall that read "Paint like your life depends on it" and "When you think its finished, its finished". It was very inspiring.

All that walking around lead us to White Duck Tacos. Now anything with duck and tacos in the same name gets our attention immediately! This little joint is located on Roberts St in RAD. There's probably going to be a line if you go during lunch or dinner time but no worries, this crew knows what their doing and it moves fast!

We got there around 2pm and there was still a short line. It allowed us to look over the menu longer and take in all the taco goodness they had created. Terri settled on the Roasted Duck Confit with Mole sauce taco and Mushroom Potato w/ Romesco taco. I ordered the Lamb Gyro taco with feta and the Steak & Cheese with mexican crema taco. We also threw in chips and the salsa trio for good measure.

We got our food in record time, delivered to our picnic table just outside the restaurant. The salsa trio was made up of a red salsa, a green salsa verde, and a mexican crema with chipotle salsa. All were excellent!
Lamb Gyro & Steak and Cheese Tacos

Mushroom Potato & Duck w/ Mole Tacos

The tacos were equally amazing. The steak was cooked to perfection and the duck with the mole sauce, was duck and mole sauce...come on, it was killer good! All the tacos we got were amazing and you can taste the difference in a good homemade corn tortilla! We can't wait to get back up there to try out their other tacos! If you're in Asheville you gotta check these guys out!

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