Friday, July 24, 2009

Tips 'n' Tools - Cooking for Two - Buns

In our house about 99% of our meals are prepared for just two people. Sometimes this can pose some problems and a lot of food that is wasted due to spoilage. My tip today is about hot dog and hamburger buns.

We love buying the nice, yummy, expensive buns for our brats, dogs, buffalo burgers, etc. But there is normally 8 - 10 buns in a pack. So it's ridiculous for us to just take out two and throw away the rest.

TIP: When we buy new buns, hot dog or hamburger buns, we immediately wrap up them up two at a time in tin foil and throw the pairs of wrapped buns into a large freezer bag. So in a few weeks when we want hamburgers we just grab a pair of wrapped buns from the freeze and thaw overnight in the fridge. They taste just about as great as they do fresh and we've wasted less and saved money in the process. Nice, huh?

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