Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wine Wednesday- Three Sisters' Cynthiana

We took a trip down to the mountains of Georgia a few weekends ago and picked up this, along with a few other, delicious yummy bottles of wine.  I reviewed one of our favorite Chardonnay from Three Sisters Vineyard and this is one of our favorite local vineyards. 

The American winegrape Cynthiana-Norton is a special treat that you won't find everywhere. The Cherokee Indians and Thomas Jefferson grew this grape. It was the most popular winegrape in Georgia over a hundred years ago and now it is back! The 2006 vintage Three Sisters Cynthiana displays a deep rich color with notes of butter scotch and caramalized black cherry. Pair it with lamb or game. Try it with dark chocolate and experience the sensation of chocolate covered cherries!
 This wine was deep and delicious. The finish just seemed to keep going and going. It's full bodied and very rich. When we were at the tasting room we tried it with the dark chocolate and it was heavenly!

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  1. Thomas Jefferson was never introduced to Norton wines or the vines, though his grandson was and there is indications that this vine may have been planted later at Monticello. The latest research into this can be found in Todd Kliman's May 2010 release of The Wild Vine. As for your article, yes, Three Sisters Cynthiana [Norton] is the best Norton Georgia has to offer. There are now 206 Norton wineries in 23 states and Georgia has seven of these vineyards.


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